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Take Time to Smell the Roses

Written by ASingleGirl

Life moves fast.  We’re often so focused on getting to our destination we ignore everything else along the way.  And it’s those “everything else” moments, those roses along our path, that can be the most memorable.  But we’re usually too busy to notice the roses, let alone take the time to stop and smell them.

One of the best things about solo road-tripping is the ability to stop whenever and wherever I want without being judged or worrying that anyone else is getting restless or bored.  My time and my route are all my own.  Largest ball of twine?  I’m stopping.  Giant pistachio nut?  I’m there.  UFO landing zone?  Lead the way.  It’s complete autonomy and the open road is my playground.

On a recent Single Girl road trip, my producer and I started seeing humorous signs along California Highway 99.  At first, it was just a fun novelty, and reading them was a way to entertain ourselves as the miles rolled by.  But it wasn’t long before we knew we had to stop.  Yes – we were on a schedule and had an agenda to keep.  But the signs beckoned, and we knew that missing a golden opportunity for the sake of meeting a timeline would be a decision we might regret.

So, it was Bravo Farms for the win.  If Bravo Farms didn’t live up to the signs’ hype, we could get back on the road with nary a few minutes wasted.  But if it was all the signs promised, we knew we’d make memories for a lifetime.

Bravo Farms lived up to its hype.

Web Western

This freeway fun zone was decked out in a full western theme.

Web Mal Tree

It had a seven story tree house.  Of course, the tree house was built for Snow White’s entourage, but that didn’t stop us from playing.  (Did you notice Malinda in this pic?)

Web JJ Tree

It made us feel like giants.

Web Petting Zoo

It also had a petting zoo…

Web Farmtiques

(Yes, I spelled that correctly.  It’s not a typo.)

Web Shooting Arcade

A shooting arcade….
(Malinda smoked me here.  She got 16 out of 18 shots.  I got 1 out of 18 shots.)

Web Shop

A large gift shop where they make their own cheese and roast their own nuts.  They also have a restaurant that serves the most mouth-watering BBQ around.  And, on the second level, there’s even a miniature golf course!

Web Sniveling

Sure, it may sound like Bravo Farms is geared toward kids or families.  But let me assure you, as an adult, I had just as much fun there as any kid.  And we loved its subtle sense of humor.

Bravo Farms was not on our schedule for that particular Single Girl Adventure, but it turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip.  So let that be a lesson.  Take time to stop and smell the roses, even if those roses are on the side of a freeway and smell like goats.

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