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Photos from the San Pedro International Film Festival

Written by ASingleGirl

As promised, here are a few photos from the San Pedro International Film Festival.  What a great experience this has been!  Everyone at SPIFF has been so gracious and kind and wonderful to work with.  What a treat!  We are humbled by the amazing films we’ve seen so far.  The quality has been outstanding, and we are truly honored and thankful to be included among them.


What would a film festival be without a red carpet?  Here is Jennifer demonstrating the classic red carpet pose.  Malinda was feeling a bit camera shy this day, so she opted to stay behind the lens.


The gorgeous ceiling at the historic Warner Grand Theater.  This stunning theater is a breathtaking example of Art Deco.  If you get a chance to visit this venue for any reason, grab it!  You won’t regret this life choice.


Here we are in print!  I tried to get a picture of our episode on the big screen, but I was so nervous my hands were shaking too badly to get a decent shot.  But trust me, it was an experience we’ll never forget.


After the screening, the filmmakers were asked to the stage to participate in a Q&A session.  Malinda was still feeling camera shy, so this is Jennifer talking to the audience about A Single Girl’s Guide To…

I know I said it before, but it’s worth saying again: What a fantastic experience this has been!  A great big THANK YOU to everyone at #SPIFFest and to everyone who has helped with our episodes, blog, or website.  We are looking forward to exciting things to come!


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