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Father’s Day Gifts For the Dad Who Has Everything

Written by ASingleGirl

My dad is one of those guys who is super easy-going.  I mean, easy-going to the point of being difficult.  And by “being difficult,” I don’t mean that *he’s* difficult.  I mean that his easy-going nature makes buying gifts a challenge.  He has everything.  He likes everything.  He appreciates everything.  And he doesn’t voice a strong opinion about what he really wants.

So, what do you get for that kind of Dad?  Because there are only so many Home Depot gift cards you can buy in a lifetime. (I don’t know the exact number, but I’m sure there’s an official quota.)

Here are a few ideas of fun things to get for the dad who has everything.  My dad loves to grill in the summer, so he may be getting a few of these things this year.  (Dad – avert your eyes if you’re reading this.)

My dad’s a total fix-it guy, so he would LOVE this set of BBQ tools that look like tools.

Or, for the golfing dad griller, here’s a set of tools just for him.

Every dad needs his own BBQ apron.

And if your dad’s not the apron-wearing type, perhaps a T-shirt is more his style.

This hot dog BBQ brander gives even the most basic BBQ fare a little sports fan flair.

Why use the same old ketchup and mustard dispensers when you can have a little fun with your food?

Or, if guns aren’t your style, how about putting an artistic touch on your BBQ creations.

Corn on the cob will never be the same with these clever holders.

What are your ideas for the dad who has everything?  Post them here and you just might see your ideas on next year’s list.

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