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Collecting Cake Pedestals

Written by ASingleGirl

I’m addicted to thrift stores.  You might also call me an antique-store-aholic.  If there were a 12-step program for this issue, I’d be a charter member. We would call ourselves Thrifters Anonymous and meet regularly to celebrate our finds while sipping tea from vintage china. I know lots of single girls who would join me at these gatherings….  After confessing our latest purchases, we can swap locations of our favorite thrift stores!

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As a single girl with a love for thrifting, I don’t have to worry about dragging an uninterested spouse along with me.  Do very many men actually enjoy this activity?  When it comes to antique shopping, even married ladies can feel like a single girl. Let’s embrace it and enjoy the solo quest for timeless treasure.

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My latest obsession is cake pedestals.  I love them.  They are my babies, each unique in their own special way.  Some I found at thrift stores.  Some were acquired at antique shops.  And a few were won in the fierce, no-holds-barred arena of vicious eBay sniping.  I have no remorse.  All I have to do is gaze at the glorious prized pieces, and any swoop-and-scoop guilt magically vanishes.

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These gorgeous pedestals elegantly display baked goods when company is visiting.

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Then again, sometimes, you just want to feel fancy. Every day needs a touch of sophistication, after all.

Web Plate 6

My dad jokes that my baked goods are a step above anything else out there, so these pedestals give them the place of superiority they deserve (Love you too, Dad)!

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Not only do they function well in their original purpose, but they’re also beautiful when simply decorative.

I’m still waiting to stumble upon a rare antique cake pedestal that was used in the home of King Henry VIII, or Queen Elizabeth I.  You know – the Holy Grail of cake plates that inspires sweet dreams of collector grandeur.  But in the meantime, I’ll enjoy these little beauties for the precious pieces of food-display art that they are. And until our next Thrifters Anonymous meeting, I wish you happy treasure-hunting.

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