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A single girl’s guide to travel

Ocean Travel


Cruising is a great vacation option for the single girl. There are activities from morning to night, tour-guided excursions, and a ship load of potential new friends. What's not to love?!


Packing – The Single Girl Way

Traveling solo is exciting. But wrangling heavy luggage all by yourself can be a real pain. Packing light is a key to successful single girl travel. Here are my tips on packing - the single girl way.

Ocean Travel

A Day At The Beach

In this episode, Jennifer spends a day at the beach and discovers the gems that can be found at your local shoreline.

Car For Fun Travel

Take Time to Smell the Roses

How much joy do you miss because you're too busy to notice the roses along your path? Give into the urge once in a while to stop and smell them. You may end up with an experience that rivals your original destination.

Car Travel

Murphys Irish Day

Road trips as a single girl can be fun. Come with us on this Single Girl adventure to Murphys Irish Day.

Car Travel

Olvera Street

This single girl adventure takes us to the birthplace of Los Angeles - The El Pueblo Monument, and the world famous Olvera Street.