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Water Fountain Planter

If you thought adding a water fountain to your backyard was a project better left to the guys - think again. Here's how I did it. And with a little effort and perseverance, you can too.

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Surviving Valentine’s Day

As a young girl I loved Valentine’s Day.  My sixth-grade self would get all twitterpated thinking about dropping that old-school valentine’s card onto the desk of the boy I had a crush on.  (In those days, everyone in class was instructed to bring a valentine for everyone else in the class, so no...

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Personalized Notebooks

These personalized notebooks are a terrific gift idea for mom or grandma. Or a great activity to do with young house guests this season Or just a fun way to pamper yourself with little bit of whimsical luxury.

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Apple Picking

One of my favorite Autumn activities is to go apple picking. There's nothing quite like getting out in the country, enjoying the crisp fall air, and spending the day enjoying this nostalgic and delicious time of year.

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Limited Budget, Unlimited Fun

By Malinda Fugate Ah, pay day…. That glorious moment when you lovingly welcome your paycheck into your bank account, only to watch it trickle away into the never-ending abyss of adult responsibility.  So, now what? Do we just sit in quiet contemplation until next pay day? Does responsible adulthood...