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Individual Chicken Pot Pies

There is nothing I like more on a cold day than chicken pot pie. It is the ultimate comfort food. But forget those frozen in-the-box varieties found at the grocery store. Make your own, tailor them to your tastes, and freeze them yourself. You will love having these delicious staples in your...

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Not-So-Guilty Pleasure Nachos

As I trudge through the Dog Days of Summer and try in vain to stay cool, the last things I want to do are chores – like dishes, and laundry, and cooking – that cause my un-air-conditioned home to get even warmer than it already is.  And while I haven’t found an alternative to laundry (other than a...

Cooking Dinner Leftovers Lunch

Turkey Dinner Soup

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving meal leftovers can get boring after a while. When that happens, why not make this delicious Turkey Dinner Soup! It's delicious AND a great way to use up those turkey day leftovers.

Cooking Dinner Leftovers Lunch

Leftover Potato Soup

One of my favorite lunches on a rainy spring day is a bowl of potato soup. Oh, who am I kidding. It's one of my favorite lunches anytime. Here's how I used leftover potatoes to make this delectable meal.