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3 Single Girl Dates….With Yourself

Written by ASingleGirl

Dates can be a lot of fun.  I like getting to know people and trying new restaurants.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of those little butterflies in your stomach that seem to be whispering the same thing, “Could this guy be ‘The One’?”

Now, the best dates happen when I feel comfortable.  Where my date and I share a new experience and laugh until our faces hurt.  It’s those ideal dates that sustain my hopeless romantic nature and reaffirm my faith in mankind.

But, let’s be honest with ourselves, single girls. It’s not all fairy tales and happy endings.  Some dates are duds, some are awkward, and some are downright unbearable. Have you ever been tempted to recreate that movie scene where the girl excuses herself to go to the restroom and then crawls out the window? (I have. And if that bathroom actually had a window, this could’ve been a much different story….)

So what do you do if you’re in a dating drought, or simply want to do things that don’t seem like the makings of a dream date?  The answer is surprisingly simple: Take yourself on a date!

These Single Girl dates focus on daytime adventures, so I can avoid being out late alone and in an unknown area. Here are my favorite, girl-power, take-yourself-on-a-date options for a fabulous time- even without a significant other  (added bonus – you never have to speculate if he’ll really call the next day.)

Date #1: The Story of a Happy Single Girl
Book Store – Used bookstores are inexpensive, environmentally responsible, and yield unexpected gems.  Who doesn’t love that great old book smell?  Take a stroll through the aisles of history, mystery, and romance and choose your next voyage of imagination from among the seemingly limitless options.

Coffee Shop – After you’ve purchased your literary treasure, take your new acquisition to a local coffee shop.  Try a one-of-a-kind place.  I’m not trying to take away from the Starbucks of the world, but there are new and unique goodies to be savored in coffee houses with complete autonomy.  Relax in an overstuffed chair, sip your latte, and take a mental vacation through the pages of your tome.

Art Gallery/Author Reading/Other Cultural Event – Check your local paper or town website for cultural events in your area.  Art galleries frequently change their exhibits to feature new and local artists.  Libraries and book stores feature appearances and signings by local authors.  Community centers offer lectures and “how-to” classes at very reasonable prices (often just enough to cover costs).

Date #2: Treasures in Unexpected Places
Thrift Store Spree – Thrift stores usually travel in packs.  Ok, so they don’t really move, unless you’ve had one-too-many mimosas for brunch.  But in my experience, when I find one thrift or vintage store, I see several.  In the great cosmic mystery of the universe, thrift and vintage stores are usually found in the same general area of town, creating a “vintage” district.  This is nirvana for me, and for many other single girls.

Ice cream – After a long afternoon of thrifting, nothing is more refreshing than a cool ice cream cone.  Ice cream may not get you through the rest of your Single Girl date on its own, so you may need to get something more substantial later in the day.  But first, relish the nostalgic joy of strolling down the street on a warm summer’s afternoon with an ice cream cone in your hand.  Ahhh….to be a carefree child again.

Local Concert or Theatrical Matinee – I know very few not-gay men who actually enjoy going to a symphony concert, unless they’re being dragged there by their female partner.  A higher percentage will willingly go to a jazz or blues concert, but that number is still not huge.  This makes the local concert hall or theater a perfect go-to venue for a Single Girl date.  Odds are there will be other single girls there, or pairs of sports widows, so you’ll be in good company.  You’ll get to enjoy a fabulous show or concert and support local arts, without the constant worry that your plus-one will start to snore at any moment.

Date #3: Expand Your Horizons In Your Own Backyard
Local Museum – Local museums are often self-supported and run by a small band of volunteers.  They don’t have the visibility of their giant museum cousins, so they get less traffic.  But, their exhibits are often just as interesting. They’ll appreciate your attendance all the more, and they’re usually a lot less crowded!

Local Ethnic Restaurant or Vegan Fare – Most guys I know are meat-and-potatoes men.  Their simple palates don’t generally hunger for exotic ethnic cuisine, and most don’t consider it a meal unless there’s meat on the plate.  Look at your Single Girl date as a chance to try those ethnic or vegan restaurants you’d never be able to convince your date to share.

Art House Film – When it comes to movies, my tastes do not always jive with my date’s.  I enjoy chick flicks with happy endings, romantic comedies with happy endings, and even adventure films – as long as they have a happy ending,  Notice a trend?  Another genre that’s loved by me, but never by any man I’ve ever dated, are art house and foreign films.  Every time I’ve been to an art house theater, I’ve found myself sitting among a crowd of other lovely ladies.  It’s a movie mecca for single girls!

Of course, there are many more Single Girl date options.  Your imagination is the only limit.  So, what’s the best date you’ve ever taken yourself on?  Share your suggestions with other single girls, and let’s all embrace the Single Girl date!

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